Spider-Gwen RENEWED!

Secret Wars is taking over the Marvel Universe, but it's all good, 'cause afterward, Spider-Gwen is BACK!

Is this our Spider-Man In Captain America: Civil War?

Marvel and Sony made the big announcement about the new Spider-Man in the MCU.

Leaving SDCC? Mile High Comics Makes Its Exit

Massive comics retailer Mile High Comics decides to stop exhibiting at the San Diego Comic-Con after this year's show. Learn why and some thoughts on what this means for the future of the local comic shop.

Infinity #1

It's the Marvel Universe's Event of the Year! The Builders have an agenda and Thanos decides to take on the Earth, all at the same time! Can the Avengers stop the world from being decimated from multiple directions? Find out starting with Infinity #1!

Sidekick #1

Red Cowl and Flyboy are the protectors of Sol City. But things start going completely wrong when Red Cowl is assassinated. Flyboy's sidekick status pushes him further and further down a path that leads down. Will Flyboy be able to overcome the loss of his partner and his lack of ability to protect the city?

Collider #1

"And the nature of your emergency... Fire, Ambulance, Police... or Physics?" In a world where physics has gone completely wild, Adam Hardy and the Federal Bureau of Physics is on the job!

All New Fathom #1

The latest chapter in Michael Turner's masterpiece begins!

Vertigo’s Astro City #1

The All-Star creative team is back in town and there's a mysterious door looming as Vertigo heads into Astro City!

Day Men #1

Vampires rule the night, but when the "50 Families" are asleep and away from the light of day, the Day Men are out and takin' care of business.

Quantum and Woody #1

The world's worst superheroes are back! Brothers Eric and Wood Henderson return in an all new world in Quantum and Woody!

BubbleGun #2

Molli and the crew have the contents of the mysterious package, not to mention a plethora of creeps willing to do anything to get what's inside, to deal with in the issue #2 of BubbleGun!


Spider-Gwen RENEWED!

Yes, that’s right Spider-Gwen fans! After the phenomenally successful run in the Spider-Verse storyline and her first stretch as a solo comic, Marvel has announced that Spider-Gwen will be returning!…


Is this our Spider-Man In Captain America: Civil War?

Today, Marvel and Sony made a big announcement, one that the Marvel Fan Universe has been greatly anticipating. We have a Spider-Man! Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios Find Their ‘Spider-Man’…


Follow-Up: A Mile High Reversal

This came around the Internet over the last day or so and wanted to pass on the update on Mile High Comics and its continuing saga with its decisions on…


Leaving SDCC? Mile High Comics Makes Its Exit

One of the things that I saw as I was waiting at the airport heading home from my San Diego Comic-Con trip was a piece of sad information. After 42…


Infinity #1

A Marvel Comics Event. “Everything dies. Empires collapse. Kings fall. And men perish. Worlds end.” The prelude is finally over. The Marvel event of 2013 is finally here! And there’s something…


Vertigo’s “Collider” Has a Run-In with the IP Police

Here’s a little piece of news concerning one of the titles we recently reviewed, Collider. With issue #2 this month, the title of the series is being changed due to…


Sidekick #1

“Let no one mistake this for my victory. It was Flyboy who saved the day this time. So from this day forward, let no one call him just a sidekick,…


Collider #1

“And the nature of your emergency… Fire, Ambulance, Police… or Physics?” The Official Word It started small: temporary gravity failures, time reversal loops, entropy reversals. With much fanfare, a new government…


Preview: X-Men: Battle of the Atom #1

It’s retro X-Men time! Marvel gives us our first view of the upcoming “Battle of the Atom” storyline!  And we have Sentinels. How can we go wrong there? From the…


All New Fathom #1

Fifteen years ago, comic creator Michael Turner began a voyage into the depths of the sea and invited each of us to come along into the world of Fathom, the story…


Playing Catch Up

March 1, 1994. A Tuesday. That was the day that my fascination with comics changed. I admit that there had been a steady decline after that day until I ultimately…


A Zero Year Take on Batgirl

We saw this pass by in the Twitter stream and had to pass it on.  Following the lead from the Batman Zero Year series, this fall, Barbara Gordon will be…