NewsBits: SDCC 2013 Day Three Recap

It’s time to take a look at some of the comic-related happenings at SDCC on Day Three – Saturday!

Archie Comics had a few announcements for the world:

  • A digital comic book revamping of the Super Teens featuring characters like Pureheart the Powerful (Archie), Superteen (Betty), Evilheart (Reggie), Captain Hero (Jughead) and all the rest of the gang. The artist is still a surprise, but there will be five one-shots featuring the characters with titles like “PEP Comics #1” and “Top-Notch Comics #1”.
  • iVerse will debut an Archie standalone app for the iPhone. Archie comics will be 99¢ per download, $9.95 a month, or $49.95 a year. Besides the iPhone, the digital comics will also be web-based, and available on all platforms.

For more, check out the CBR article here:



topshelp_marchbookone_Top Shelf Productions had their panel where they talked about some of their new projects coming in the near future.

  • March, the first volume in a graphic autobiography of civl rights legend Rep. John Lewis.
  • Rob Harrell debuts the delightful Monster On the Hill!
  • Darth Vader Parenting expert Jeffrey Brown reveals “his most personal work to date,”  with A Matter of Life!
  • Mark Russell & Shannon Wheeler launch the faithfully funny God is Disappointed In You!
  • Zander Cannon takes you all to Heck!

Learn more about the happenings at the Top Shelf panel on Comics Beat:



Fantagraphics have a pile of things coming soon:

  • The Cartoon Utopia by Ron Rege in the fall.
  • Blacklung, written and drawn by Chris Wright, is set for an October release.
  • Another fall debut is The Hypo by Noah Van Sciver.
  • Heads or Tails is a collection of work from Lilli Carre.

More about the upcoming releases from Fantagraphics, see the CBR article here:



image_rocketgirl_cover1Image Comics had their “What’s Next” panel and talked about a bunch of new projects:

  • Velvet, a new comic by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting.
  • Joe Casey talked about his two new books, The Bounce and Sex.
  • Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare talked about their new book, Rocket Girl.
  • Rick Remender talked about his new book, Black Science, with Matteo Scalera and his other book, Deadly Class.

To read more about the happenings at the Image panel, check out the Bleeding Cool article here:


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